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A “conflict mineral“ is a mineral produced from a country that is involved in conflict or
in which environmental destruction is taking place. The US government has designated
the four minerals of Gold, Tin, Tungsten and Tantalium, which are produced in nine
countries including Congo, as “conflict minerals.” The reason for the designation is
because the US government believes that these minerals are being used to fund the militia of Congo.
According to the conflict mineral regulations, if a company listed in the US stock market
(SEC) uses a conflict mineral in the manufacturing process for a product they produce or
commission others to produce, the country of origin and the related content must be disclosed.

KCC is supporting this policy.
  • being diligent in their assessment and validation of their supply to ensure KCC's objectives of a transparent supply chain, and conflict-free purchases as inputs to the services and products we produce.
  • at all times be in compliance with all regional and international regulations for conflict minerals.
  • at all times be in compliance with industry standards for the sourcing and reporting of conflict minerals.
  • being diligent and accurate in their formal assurances of conflict-free minerals provided to us.