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Product Descriptions The product Advancing the Smart World

Rigid-flexAdvanced technology that is shaping the future. Korea Circuit is creating the future of the digital world with its customers.

SSD / LCD / Camera module

A rigid-flexible PCB product can support bending with its structure, so it can be designed in 3-D which assures the manufacturing of small sized products. In addition, there is no signal loss due to the reduced wire length or the contact resistance, and it is suitable for the latest smart devices that require high-speed signals. Our company is providing high density/quality rigid flexible PCB products suitable for SSD, LCD and camera modules.


SSD / PC Monitor / Notebook Monitor / LCD TV / Touch Panel / Camera module

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기타_ Camera module Specification - Dex-scription(No. of Layers, Board thickness, Min. Line/Space, Laser drill), Main, Flex.
Item Rigid area Flex area
No. of Layers 4~18L 2~6L
Board thickness 0.4~2.0T 0.08~0.25T
Min.Line Width 40um 40um
Min Line Spacing 40um 40um
Min. Mech. Drill Size 150um -
Min. Laser. Drill Size 100um -