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User agreement on personal information protection(For more information, please check the privacy policy.)

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Goals of personal information collection and use
Identification for service use, confirmation of willingness to join, delivery of notices on age restricted services, obtaining the path of complaints reports, obtaining the correct address for shipping.
Guide on new service and latest information, data for customized service.
Payment for charged information use.
Prevention of illegal use by banned members and unauthorized use.
Other quality services
Personal information collected
Name, resident registration number, birthdate, ID, password, email address, telephone number, account number, IP address, and other optional information
Period of use and retention of the personal information collected
In principle, when the goal of personal information collection is achieved, it will be immediately deleted. But to prevent illegal access by members who have been banned, we reserve the right to retain the resident registration number for an additional three months. We also reserve the right to retain personal information for longer if the e-commerce consumer protection law or other related laws state that it is necessary to store personal information for a certain period of time.

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