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Green gas·EnergyKorea Circuit cares for nature and humanity.

According to the low carbon/green growth framework act and the green gas energy target management/operation guides (Ministry of Environment posting no. 2011-29), Korea Circuit was designated as a company for target management of green gas/energy in 2011. After preparing a statement, and passing the verification by a third party green gas verification authority, it is reporting the amount of greenhouse gas discharged to the government.

Greenhouse Gas Discharged Amount of discharge (tCO2eq)

* Based on factory 1, which is set as the target of management.

Greenhouse Gas Discharged Graph
Greenhouse Gas Discharged Graph. 2010year discharged 42,010 tCO2eq, 2011year discharged 52,253 tCO2eq, 2012year discharged 58,868 tCO2eq, 2013year discharged 69,092 tCO2eq, 2014year discharged 67,136 tCO2eq, 2015year discharged 67,264 tCO2eq, 2016year discharged 68,724 tCO2eq