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UT-CSP(Ultra thin-CSP) refers to a CSP product with thickness of 0.12mm or less. Since the UT-CSP uses a thin layer that can reduce the overall package size, it is suitable for small, light weighted mobile devices. Recently, the UT-CSP is mostly used for MCP(Multi-Chip Package: multiple chips stacked for packaging). So, this term is often used to imply that it is an MCP Package Substrate.


-.EEPROM. NAND Flash, power management, integrated passive networks, standard analog device -.PRAM, LPDDR,ONEDRAM, NAND Flash -. Mobile phone, PDAs, laptop PCs, disk drives, digital camera MP3 player, GPS navigation devices, potable product

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CSP_ UT-CSP Specification - Dex-scription(Patterning, Drilling, Via Fill (Dimple), Ball Pad Pitch, Solder Mask Tolerance, Thickness), Design
Item Design
Patterning Line/Space MSAP 20 / 20
Subtractive 30 / 30
Drilling Via/Land PTH (Laser) 65 / 150
LVH (Laser) 50 / 110
Via Fill (Dimple) Cu Fill (Max. 10um)
Ball Pad Pitch 0.35 mm
Solder Mask Tolerance ± 5 (DFSR)
Thickness Cored 2Layer 80+/-7
4Layer 140+/-20
Coreless 2Layer 70+/-7
3Layer 90+/-15