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Package SubstrateAdvanced technology that is shaping the future. Korea Circuit is creating the future of the digital world with its customers.


PBGA(Plastic Ball Grid Array) expresses the structural characteristics of the Package Substrate. In other words, on the back of the PCB, instead of leads, solder balls are lined up to connect the substrate to the main board. The term PBGA is used as generally as the Package Substrate.


-. ASIC, DSP and Memory, Gate Arrays, -. Microprocessors / Controllers / Graphics -. PC Chipsets and Peripherals -. Graphics Processors -. Set-Top Boxes -. Game Consoles -. Gigabit Ethernet

Sectional View


PBGA_ Normal Specification - Dex-scription(Patterning, Drilling, Thickness), Design
Item Design
Patterning Line/Space Subtractive 40 / 40
Drilling Via/Land PTH 150 / 300
Thickness 560 ± 40