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FC-CSP(Flip Chip-CSP) means that the chip mounted in the PCB is turned over. Compared to the general CSP, the difference is that the connection between the semiconductor chip and the substrate is not wire bonding, but bumps. Since it does not require Wire-Bonding, it is much smaller than those products that go through the general wire bonding process. In addition, many chips and the PCB are connected at the same time, in contrast to wire bonding, which requires you to connect one at a time. Moreover, the connection length is much shorter than in wire bonding, so the performance can be improved.


-. Smart phone -. Lap top (Ultra thin notebook / Tablet PC) -. Portable game device -. Power/Analog IC drive -.Control drive IC for portable electronic device

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Flip Chip_ FCCSP Specification - Dex-scription(Patterning, Drilling, Bump, Die Bump Type, Surface Treatment), Design
Dex-scription Design
Patterning Line/Space SAP 15 / 15
MSAP 20 / 20
Drilling Via/Land PTH 75 / 180
Laser 65 / 125
Bump PAD 100
SRO 70
Pitch 150
Die Bump Type SAC 305
Surface Treatment ENEPIG, Selective OSP