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Product Descriptions The product Advancing the Smart World

HDIAdvanced technology that is shaping the future. Korea Circuit is creating the future of the digital world with its customers.


To improve the performance of PCs that require speedy processing of large sized data, our company provides DDR4 as well as DDR(Double Data Rate), DDR2, DDR3 for main boards when requested by our customers, and also provides customization options for servers or workstations.


DeskTop PC / Notebook PC / Workstation / Server

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IC Module_ Normal Specification - No. of Layers, Base Material(Laminate), Board Thickness, Min.Line Width, Min Line Spacing, Min. Mech. Drill Size, Min. Laser. Drill Size, Surface Treatment
No. of Layers 4~14L
Base Material(Laminate) FR-4, High Tg FR-4, Low CTE, Halogen free
Board Thickness 0.4~1.4T
Min.Line Width 60um
Min Line Spacing 60um
Min. Mech. Drill Size 200um
Surface Treatment ENIG, Gold finger, OSP