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Moral Management The product Advancing the Smart World

Ethics Pledge GuidelinesKoreacircuit is trying to open more beautiful world with social responsibility and trust.

KCC executives and staff members are trying to make the clean culture of trade in which there are no gift, money, entertainment fees. For this, KCC makes guidelines and acts by following them for our executives and employees.

Coexistence ethical management guide line

  • 1. We will not give or take any gift or money relating to congratulations and condolences or notify our partners of such events.

  • 2. We consider ourselves our company, and think we are representatives of KCC, conduct our duties fairly.

  • 3. We will not request for personal affairs or purchases in inappropriate ways and do not act any misbehavior.

  • 4. We deal with all tasks transparently at uncovered place and do not meet the work-related person individually.

  • 5. We make highest effort to develop the healthy company culture with clean trade and moral spirit.

  • 6. We don’t give an interested person any penalties, although he or she doesn’t provide us with gift, hospitality, money etc.