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Package SubstrateAdvanced technology that is shaping the future. Korea Circuit is creating the future of the digital world with its customers.


SIP(System In Package) indicates that a single independent function is achieved by placing or laminating multiple chips in a single package. This is a perfect system consisting of multiple chips including the microprocessor, and it has all the necessary parts. SIP has a short development periods and low cost, making it possible to produce small quantities of many different types of products. As well, since many different technologies and distinct parts are implemented on a single package, it is highly distinguishable from the SOC. It is also different from multi chip modules since it is developed for a standalone system.


-. RF/Wireless: Power amplifiers, baseband, transceiver modules, Bluetooth TM, GPS, UWB, etc. -. Consumer: Digital cameras, handheld devices, memory cards, etc. -. Networking/Broadband: PHY devices, line drivers, etc. -. Graphics processors -. TDMB -. Tablet PC -. Smart phone

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Sip_ Normal Specification - Dex-scription(Patterning, Drilling, Ball/Land Pad Pitch, Via Fill Material (Plugging), Additional Process, Thickness), Design
Dex-scription Design
Patterning Line/Space Subtractive 30 / 30
Drilling Via/Land PTH 200 / 350
Ball/Land Pad Pitch 1.0 mmP
Via Fill Material (Plugging) PHP-900 IR6
Additional Process Etch-Back Process
Thickness 520 ± 40