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Human Rights & Labor PolicyKoreacircuit is trying to open more beautiful world with social responsibility and trust.


KCC respects all members’ dignity and value as humanity to realize sustainable happiness.


KCC keeps highest effort to maintain appropriate working environment for members to pursuit their happiness.


KCC follows and respects all labor standards & human rights protection of labor related global organization such as UN, ILO. We don’t discriminate any person due to gender, race, nationality, religion, age etc.


KCC abides by all labor laws of each country and region, and all cooperative firms should follow this policy.

Detailed operation policy

  • Respect for human dignity
    KCC respects all employees as humanity by prohibiting workplace violence.

  • Avoidance of forced labor
    KCC prohibits all forms of involuntary labor, including forced labor and restriction of psychological and physical freedom of employees. Original copies of identification are not requested upon hiring.

  • Prohibition of child labor
    KCC does not hire the person under the age of 15.

  • Labor of under-aged person
    Employees under the age of 18 will not be permitted to tasks that jeopardize their health or safety according to local labor laws.

  • Working hours
    KCC complies with local laws on working hours(regular/overtime hours, holidays) and shall not force employees to work overtime. Employees are to be paid based on labor laws when working overtime.

  • Wages
    All employees are to be paid above minimum wage prescribed by local laws.

  • Non-discrimination policy
    KCC strictly prohibit all forms of discrimination including gender, age, race, religion etc. We provides equal opportunities for promotion, wage.

  • Freedom of association
    KCC respects the employee’s freedom of association and collective bargaining in accordance with local labor laws. Employees will not be disadvantaged for joining, participating, or organizing labor unions.