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R&D / Technology The product Advancing the Smart World

Status of Research CenterKorea Circuit is at the center of the smart world.

The Ramp;D headquarters of Korea Circuit are striving to develop the technology that can lead the entire PCB industry.

In addition, we have implemented the latest testing facilities to support technological development and improve our product technologies. Through academic/industrial collaboration and nationally funded projects, we are striving to develop the technologies that can lead the industry.

Research center photo

Research center status

  • Date of establishment: Nov 03, 1990
  • Korea Circuit research center
  • Address: 133-9(Seonggok-dong) Gangchon-ro Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Research area: (electrical, electronics) PCB
  • Approval no.: 19901113
  • R&D head: Lee Tae Gu
  • # of materials: 35

Main history

1990.11Established the R&D center.
PCB Research Union
– Completed development of the five R&D projects for the industry.
  • 1991.08 ~ 1992.07Developed the impedance board.
  • 1991.08 ~ 1993.11Developed the multi-layered PCB.
  • 1992.11 ~ 1995.10Developed the ultra precision thin layer PCB.
  • 1995.12 ~ 1997.11Developed the MCM-L PCB.
  • 1996.11 ~ 1998.10Developed the conductive PASTE PCB.
2005.05Member of KPCA (Korea PCB Association)
Government funded projects (national projects)
  • 2003.04 ~ 2005.03R&D on Ni/Pd/Au electrolysis free coating technologies for semiconductor
    package PCB
  • 2007.07 ~ 2011.06Developed the next-generation multi-functional embedded SoP_L technology.
  • 2007.09 ~ 2008.08Developed the technology for semiconductor packages with the PCB having built
    in chips.
  • 2009.09 ~ 2011.08Improved mechanical/thermal reliability of the SiP Module.
  • 2010.06 ~ 2013.05Developed the next-generation ultra thin layer MCP PCB module/SiP embedded
    PCB module.
  • 2010.07 ~ 2012.06Developed the Rigid-Flexible photoelectric PCB integration technology.
  • 2011.11 ~ 2013.10Developed the highly integrated Hole Plugging Ink product.
  • 2013.11 ~ 2014.11Developed the thin layer capacitors for highly dielectric compounds based
    embedded PCB.

R&D facility

15 cases other than the non destructive precision tester (X-Ray inspection equipment).