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Moral Management The product Advancing the Smart World

Code of EthicsKoreacircuit is trying to open more beautiful world with social responsibility and trust.

We declare that we cherish social responsibility of a company, conduct ourselves based on the fair criteria to obtain the customer’s value and confidence during business activities, and do not accept any result which is against this criteria. The ethics that we keep is accomplished by a sound corporate culture whish is established not by the stipulated regulations, but by the voluntary participation of each executives and staff members.

  1. 01We perform our duties honestly and fairly based on a high ethics and a nice and cheerful heart.

  2. 02We regard the precious value of customer as the first priority with the best solution and service.

  3. 03We respect the shareholder value by realizing a profit through an efficient management.

  4. 04The deal with cooperative firm should be fair and clean, and we make an effort for the mutual improvement based on a reciprocal principle simultaneously.
  5. 05We follow various regulations of the nation and the community, and contribute to the development of our community through the voluntary social-minded activities.
  6. 06We give our employees fair opportunities by one’s ability and talent, and make an effort to self-improvement.

  7. 07We maintain our dignity and honor, do not commit malfeasance, and give priority to corporation income when performing a task.