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Company The product Advancing the Smart World

CEO MessageKorea Circuit leads the smart world with technological excellence.

Distinguished customers,
I wholeheartedly thank you for visiting
our company website.

Since we were established in 1964 and renamed in 1972, our company has defined our philosophy as “customer satisfaction,” and has produced and supplied products to satisfy the diverse needs of customers, growing to become a global PCB manufacturer by gaining the trust and encouragement of our customers. At this very moment, all of our employees are working together to provide customers with better services through “the best high technology, quality innovation and delivery performance” and are helping our company to emerge as the leader in the evolving state-of-the-art PCB technology of the 21st century.

Distinguished customers,
We will become the best company in the sector thanks to our world-leading technology, our untiring R&D efforts and our continued facility investments based on our 48 years of PCB manufacturing experience. I ask for your continuous support and encouragement to ensure a bright future for Korea Circuit.

Thank you very much.

CEO/VICE-CHAIRMAN   jang se joon