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Company The product Advancing the Smart World

CIKorea Circuit leads the smart world with technological excellence.

Korea Circuit Corporate Symbolmark
Corporate Symbolmark
A global company connecting people, connecting the present and the future and connecting the information and culture
Confidence as an electronic and IT business with smart thinking
Progressive business commitment to lead the future
Eco-friendly mindset combined with high technology
Reliable and friendly image based on humanity
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Korea Circuit Signature
The signature combines the symbol mark and the logotype, the key elements of the CI, vertically or horizontally. The appropriate one may be selected according to the layout or the condition of the media applied.
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Logo Type

The logotype, along with the symbol mark, is a critical element delivering the visual image. It cannot be modified as it was designed to convey a modern image considering consistency and combination with the symbol mark.
The Korean logotype cannot be used with the symbol but can be used for supplementary purposes only.