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HDIAdvanced technology that is shaping the future. Korea Circuit is creating the future of the digital world with its customers.

Smart Phone

As mobile handsets switch to convergence types and small sizes, our company is applying Build up Stack-via, Staggered via, Filled via & Fine Pitch to the manufacturing process for small/high density, high quality PCB.


Smart Phone / Mobile Phone

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Mobile_ Smart Phone Specification - No. of Layers, Base Material(Laminate), Base Material(Build up), Board Thickness, Min.Line Width, Min Line Spacing, Min. Mech. Drill Size, Min. Laser. Drill Size, Surface Treatment, Comment
No. of Layers 4~12L
Base Material(Laminate) FR-4, High Tg FR-4, Halogen Free
Base Material(Build up) FR-4, RCC, High Tg FR-4, Halogen Free, etc
Board Thickness 0.3~1.6T
Min.Line Width 30um
Min Line Spacing 40um
Min. Mech. Drill Size 200um
Min. Laser. Drill Size 80um
Surface Treatment ENIG, OSP, Selective OSP
Comment Stack via, Staggered via, Filled via