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Environmental Quality The product Advancing the Smart World

Air ManagementKorea Circuit cares for nature and humanity.

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Korea Circuit has
Introduced an environment management system with the goal of becoming an “environment friendly PCB manufacturing business” in 2001, and is currently applying it to the entire manufacturing processes.
Switching from End of Pipe management to Proactive Management

Through predictive management of the source of potential accidents, we have significantly reduced the density of air pollutants. Through consistent feedback, we have established good improvement plans and carried out improvement activities. We are committed to the preservation of both the earth environment and the living environment.

Discharge standards


Discharge standards - Classification, Unit, Permitted, Discharge density, Permitted discharge density compared to the limit(%)
Classification Unit Permitted Discharge density Permitted discharge density compared to the limit(%)
Dust ㎎/Sm³ 50 8.7 17.4%
Sox ppm 400 2.62 0.6%
HCl ppm 5 0.66 13.2%
Cu ㎎/Sm³ 5 0.19 3.8%
Ni ㎎/Sm³ 2 0.02 1.0%