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Environment PoliciesKorea Circuit cares for nature and humanity.

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Environmental perspective: “Korea Circuit” always thinks of humans and nature.
When Korea Circuit produces its PCB products, it is with a commitment to fulfilling our social responsibilities in the areas of the environment, safety and health. We are committed to making sure that all of our activities, products and services have minimal negative impacts on the environments, safety and health, and to implementing an environmental safety health management system that complies with international standards, so that all employees can earnestly execute the ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 management system. Eventually, we aim to become an environment friendly company that can share healthy lives with all stakeholders and strive to preserve the environment.
  • Environment/safety/health management system operation To minimize the negative impacts of our activities, products and services on the environment, safety and health, we will implement a good environment/safety/health system and operate it effectively.
  • Consistent environment·safety·health improvement We will continue to develop and apply the technologies necessary for preventing environmental pollution and the risks that can be caused in the production, sales, use and disposal of materials, and also to minimize the use of toxic material and energy.
  • Compliance with environment·safety rules and other conditions We will always comply with environment[domestic laws, international agreements] safety∙health∙firefighting laws and other conditions and company standards.
  • Establishment and fulfillment of the goals/detailed goals We will establish and run programs to achieve the specific environment·safety·health goals.
  • Documentation to train all employees We will provide regular training and education to make sure all of our employees are fully familiar with the environment/safety/health management system, policies, goals and detailed goals.
  • Open environment·safety·health management In addition to all of our employees, when requested by stakeholders we will disclose our environment/safety/health management policies as well as our regional community activities and outcomes in the company newsletter. We will assume that the environment/safety/health system is an important basis for the company’s operation, and be sure to fulfill our social responsibilities as a leading company in Korea.